What Allyna's students are saying after one lesson:

"I felt empowered. The knowledge that I gained brought me to a new understanding of the ways I move my body."

"More ease and less pain. Helpful to be aware of where my skull balances on the tip of the spine. Increased sense of awareness and movement potential."


Relieve stress, reduce pain, achieve balance.

Alexander Technique allows you to create more ease and less stress in any part of your body, at any age. Whether you are recovering from an injury, wish to reduce stress and tension, want to develop or deepen mindfulness, or simply seek a greater coordination or appreciation for your body, my lessons will help you access the benefits of the Alexander Technique in all aspects of your life.

I have helped people from all walks of life learn the Alexander Technique and apply it to achieve their goals.

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I started taking Alexander Technique lessons over 15 years ago and have studied with teachers from around the world. Learn more about me.

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Allyna Steinberg, MPH, MAmSAT