I decided to work with Allyna to help me with tension in my shoulders. Allyna showed me a few small adjustments in my posture to be in better alignment. She was able to guide me in redesigning my desk and computer so I could work with my eyes, shoulders, back and arms in proper alignment without having to think about it. I was amazed at what a difference it made.
— Ingrid DeHart, Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach
Allyna gave me feedback about my frame for salsa dancing. Thinking about my movement differently allows me to connect with followers better and improve my lead.
— Jeffery Ridlington, Teacher
Allyna’s passion for the work, the depth of her training, and her commitment to healing herself and others is impressive. I have learned a great deal from her about the Alexander Technique and strongly recommend her as a teacher of this helpful method for improving your life.
— Ayelet Shuber, Attorney
I had a number of private lessons with Allyna and she helped me increase my body awareness, improved my posture, and taught me how to walk more efficiently. I recommend her to others wholeheartedly.
— Roger Kriegel, Owner, Engage Photography Studio
I have benefited a lot from what I have learned from Allyna teaching me the Alexander Technique. When my back starts to go out, I immediately apply what Allyna taught me and it saves me every time.
— Estie Jacobs, Certified Public Accountant