Coming to Your Senses (For the Holidays & Always)

It may seem obvious during the holidays, that sights, smells and tastes are a big part of the experience and enjoyment. Have you considered that that may be a clue for dealing with stressful situations throughout the year? It is common during challenging situations (both emotional and physical) to narrow our focus.  This means, in times of stress you are probably only paying attention to the stressful situation or task -- and nothing else. Take an Alexander Technique tip to the rescue!  When you’re feeling stressed:

Image by Prawny at

Image by Prawny at

  1. Check in with yourself about whether you’re seeing, smelling, tasting, and hearing what’s around you.

  2. Notice your whole body in three dimensions between your head and toes, back and front, left and right sides.

When you mindfully check in with our senses, you open your focus, the body relaxes, and your enjoyment can be restored (or at least you can be more present and creative in the moment while you deal with the stressful situation).

Read The Body Loves: Cultivate Connectedness and Balance with the Alexander Technique to learn how the senses relate to the balance of the skull on the spine which is central to good coordination for posture and movement.

Updated February 10, 2019