Alexander Technique For Success: The Five-Minute (un)Fix

What if I told you I could teach you a powerful self-help tool, inspired by the Alexander Technique, that can help you reach success?  Would you try it out?

This self-help tool is called a "lie down." It is a thoughtful way of resting that promotes good spinal alignment and release of excess tension.  While it could appear passive, you are actually consciously undoing which is relaxation with so many bonus benefits - that's why I call it the five-minute un(fix) for success

I find students start to identify situations where the lie down becomes indispensable to their success:

  • "When my back starts to go out, I immediately lie-down the way Allyna taught me and it saves me every time."

  • "I was feeling anxious and, as soon as I did my Alexander Technique lie-down, I felt better, calmer, less anxious, more clear headed."

  • "When I am preparing to give a talk, I make sure to do a lie-down in the morning to help me find my poise and optimal speaking voice, as well as to get in touch with my inspiration."

It sounds and looks simple and it is, but it is not just lying down any old way.  Here are step by step instructions:

I feel like I'm floating!

I feel like I'm floating!

  1. Gather a stack of books to place under your head so that it is not falling backwards (nor being pushed up) and chose a firm but comfortable surface to lie on.

  2. Bend your knees and place your feet flat, place your hands on your lower hip area or on the floor.

  3. Notice the support of the floor and books. Notice what parts of your body are in contact with the floor and which are not.

  4. Invite ease and connection in your body. Try saying to yourself, “I allow my neck to be free, to allow my head to balance forward and up, to allow my torso to release into length and width, to allow my legs to release away from my torso.” Expand your awareness to your whole body and to the room that you're in.

Giving yourself even five minutes can make a big difference toward the success you're looking for.

A short video introduction from colleagues in England.