Alexander Technique for Salsa Dancers, Free Workshop, June 30, 2019

Allyna salsa dancing at a Carlos Konig New Year’s Eve Party

Allyna salsa dancing at a Carlos Konig New Year’s Eve Party

I’m excited to be organizing “Alexander Technique for Salsa Dancers,” a free, experiential workshop. It will take place on Sunday, June 30th 3:15-4:45pm at Columbia University, near w116 St.

*Scroll down for links to register and to find out about social dancing after the workshop.

Why “Alexander Technique For Salsa Dancers”?

Salsa dancing has been a passion of mine for 16 years, almost as long as I’ve been studying the Alexander Technique.

AmSAT salsa crop tight.JPG

Reason #1. Once I had enough salsa basics to be social dancing, the Alexander Technique improved my dancing more than any salsa classes. What the technique give me is more awareness of and connection in my body. This lets me execute salsa moves more easily, release the cuban motion (that I could only fake when I started), and allow me to connect better with my dance partners. This brings a lightness, responsiveness and joy to my dancing that I would like to share with other salseros.

Reason #2. Beyond salsa, the Alexander Technique supports overall well-being, stress reduction and pain relief, which most of us need in NYC! Whatever reason brings you to learn about the Alexander Technique, there will be bonus benefits! My story is that I learned about it from an orthopedist at Mt. Sinai Medical Center and one of my biggest bonus benefits has been the impact on my dancing.

Reason #3. While the Alexander Technique is well known among actors because it is offered in their training schools, there are so many other communities that have not had the opportunity to try it. So this workshop let’s me invite Alexander teachers coming to NYC this year for the national Alexander Technique conference to help me share this 100-year old method with the NYC salsa community.

Is this workshop for you?

  • Want to feel lighter and more fluid while you dance?

  • Want to look better while you dance?

  • Want to improve your lead or follow?

  • Want to improve your turns?

  • Want to relieve back, knee or other pain?

If “yes” is your answer to any of these questions, join us!

What to expect:

Also, meet and share your experience with other salseros and Alexander teachers from around the country/world. While you can read about the Alexander Technique online, featured by the Mayo Clinic, Huffington Post, Oprah, and many others, it’s so much better to experience it.

How to register or keep in touch:

  1. Register for and share this free workshop.

    1. Location: Columbia University: Faculty House, 64 Morningside Drive, near west 116 Street. Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to check-in.

    2. More workshops? You can also register for free workshops June 27-30th for activists, educators, high heel lovers (or haters), people with Parkinson’s, performing artists, and paid workshops for people with scoliosis, guitar players and everyone.

    3. Want to register by email/phone? Email or call (937) 586-3732.

  2. Message me if….

    • You’d like to know when this workshop will be offered again or would like to learn about setting up a workshop or private lesson

    • You have questions or comments about what you’d like to get out of this workshop

    • You want to join social dancing after the workshop if weather permits (outdoor dancing!), or social dancing another time

  3. Like my Facebook page for periodic tips or to easily share the workshop info with other NYC salseros.


For the Alexander teachers joining the workshop, here is a brief history from 7 Reasons Why New York Style Salsa is a Worldwide Favorite (also message me if you’d like try to go out social dancing the Friday before or another night):

“While salsa has its roots in many types of dance, such as rhumba, cumbia, guaracha and merengue, it didn't come together until the influx of Latin and Caribbean immigrants in New York in the late 1960s and early 1970 mixed bits and pieces of these other ballroom and club dances into a new form. The term ‘salsa’ is thought to have come from the ‘sauce’ made by all these different styles, and the connotation of the heat of chili pepper-based salsa definitely speaks to its flavor as well.”

Here is a short bio in case you want to know more about me with a focus on my Alexander Technique and salsa backgrounds:

Allyna Steinberg, MPH, MAmSAT has been dancing salsa for nearly as long as she’s been studying the Alexander Technique. She took her first salsa lessons in Spanish in Mexico in 2003. She continued her salsa classes in NYC with (in approximate chronological order of first class): Talia Castro-Pozo, Jules Helm, Lisa Allen, Carlos Konig, Almyra Ayos (Casa de la Salsa), Anya Fuchs, Joe Burgos (Piel Canela), and many others.

She co-founded the Alexander Technique Diversity Coalition in 2017 with a racially-diverse group of Alexander teachers with the aim of creating spaces for critical dialogue and action in order to strengthen the Alexander Technique profession. This interest grew from Allyna’s career in public health which she continues with over 20 years of experience supporting communities, youth and families to improve their health.

Allyna has been studying the Alexander Technique since 2001 and completed her teacher training with Ann Rodiger at the Balance Arts Center in 2015. Allyna teaches the Alexander Technique via the NYC Health Department’s Worksite Wellness program, and teaches privately in Manhattan and the Hudson Valley, New York.